Perfect smile facts and legends

31 / 10 / 2009

well hello everyone... as a dentist I'm always faced by amazing stories from my patients and their ideas on a perfect attractive smile.

for that reason i thought i should state some facts and clarify some misconceptions!!! one of the points you read up ahead does not relate to the smile but its for your welfare and knowledge as a patient and a friend.


1- proper oral hygiene practice & constant proper oral care are the 2 main prime factors of a beautiful attractive smile. "dentists don't do magic " your dentist "science based fact" cannot and is not allowed to perform any clinical procedure on your teeth especially cosmetic procedures if you have no proper oral care, if your dentist is doing that before you change your oral care habits then you should question his integrity as health care provider.

2- in a perfect aligned smile the incisal edges, "cutting edges" , of your front teeth should not be on the same level ... and that is one of the prerequisites of the Golden Proportion of a smile. " the golden proportion is a true scientific fact used to fulfill the criteria required for an optimum smile.

3- according to the fact stated earlier, your gum line above the front teeth shouldn't follow an equal level arch contour it will need to be high in the middle above your central incisors, lower above your lateral incisors, and goes back up higher than both above your canines!!!! " imagine that"

4- your gum is supposed to be light pinkish in color.

5- if your gum tends to be more purple it doesn't mean its unhealthy if you brush and it stays the same ..... the reason for a purple gum vary and two common causes in our region of the world is either Racial pigmentation " the most common reason" or "smokers melanosis" !

6- can you change this gum coloration ?

depending on proper diagnosis and if its smoke related .... yes you can!! ask your dentist to provide you with options for therapy.... racial pigmentation on the other hand is difficult to alter.

7- Very white teeth is not the optimum standard for an attractive smile " it can look pretty disturbing sometimes " ....the shade of white that suits you most is always chosen to contrast slightly and smartly with your skin texture and amount of light reflecting off your teeth.

8- small tooth size and straight line alignment is not a perfect smile standard.... and it can make you look horrific if you have a wide smile or a long face like "Julia Roberts face for example imagine what would she look like if she had small straight aligned teeth"

9- oval, slender, slightly tall teeth look much more attractive and feminine on girls and your central incisors "the two right in the middle of your smile" are supposed to be a little larger and more prominent than the rest. (ex. Jennifer Aniston from friends also known as Rachael"

10- square, round shaped, bulky teeth tend to be more attractive and masculine for men ... " trust me ... it'll make ladies hearts melt" .... it shows more facial jaw bone structure . (ex. brad Pitt) :)

I know what you're thinking ladies !!!! "he's handsome no matter what"

i say try manipulating his teeth a little and give them an off guard extra white shade and he wont be that attractive anymore ladies!!!

11-canines or the "FANGS" as some like to call them are not ugly because they are pointed .... they should not be trimmed or cut down to have straight line edge .... believe it or not they are the most important building block of your smile , they support the angles of your mouth which give your lips and cheeks more support ..... some researchers have found them the most sexually appealing teeth in our smile profile if they are situated properly in the arch. "ruff ruff" ;)

12- And BREATH..... yeah .... we all forget that one.... it alters every social thought possible about a person.

the source is usually the tongue " you need to brush that daily ".

or a crown, a bridge, an orthodontic or prosthodontic appliance in the mouth that traps food and is not being cleaned properly !!! consult with your dentist to find the best way to change that situation.

13- White fillings are not weaker than silver fillings .... they are just more technique sensitive when being applied by the dentist needing a lot of good skills and artistic approach to perfect and maintain in the mouth.. yes ... dentists don't like that much and tend to be very neglective when applying them which directly affects the life expectancy of a white filling.

14- blue light used in the clinic by the dentist is not laser !!!..... its Blue light!!! nothing more nothing less.

that's a hoax being played by some dentist to fool the unaware trusting patients..... lasers can be of many colors mainly red and the machine tends to give a pulsating sound like intermittent fast taps. it's a separate machine that doesn't connect to the dental chair 99 % of the time!!!

15- certificates hanging on the walls of doctors and dentist are not always DEGREES... they are usually certificates of attendance that you get as soon a you pay the fees to attend a conference that usually doesn't last more that three days .... you don't have to attend to claim your certificate!!! try it them closely !!! and look for words like ATTENDANCE and APPRECIATION. its an old trick in the book.

16- last but not least ... smiling more often prolongs your life expectancy ... improves your self esteem ... and keeps your social life as busy as a busy ... it is the first glimpse of joy you'll see in the face of your lover.... !!!

please don't hesitate to inquire, debate or ask.

Wish you love every one

Dr. Mohamed abu-Khalifa

co-Partner and restorative dentist