Dr. Farah Al-Khreisha


farah.JPG Dr.  Farah Hassan Al-Khraicha, a Pediatric dentist who graduated from the faculty of dentistry at the University of Jordan and continued on her internship, and masterís degree in pediatric dentistry at the same university. She also hold the MFDRCSI (Membership of the Royal College of Ireland) and the Jordanian National Board in Pediatric Dentistry.
The Exposure to healthy children and children with special health care needs was a part of her special clinical training and her thesis requirements at the child neurology department and the General pediatric clinics in University of Jordan hospital.
She honestly wishes upon a star, for every child wherever you are, to decline your consumption of sweet and enjoy the brightest teeth.

- Bachelor of Science in Dentistry, University of Jordan.
- Membership of the Royal College of Ireland (MFDRCSI).
- Master of Dental Sciences (Pediatric Dentistry), Faculty of Dentistry, University of Jordan.
- The Jordanian National Board in Pediatric Dentistry.