Palestine Course (Think Big, Think Aesthetic) March 4th 2011

1- Fundamentals of esthetics and Smile design (1 hour)
Introduction to esthetics
Structural esthetic rules

2- Esthetic materials and techniques
- The art and science of teeth whitening (1 hour)

- Development and mechanism of dental adhesive procedures (1 hour)
Materials and techniques
Conservative Treatments in the Esthetic Zone

- All ceramic restorations and current ceramic systems (1 hour)
Strengthening mechanisms of dental ceramics
All ceramic systems
Selection of all ceramic systems
Cementation and clinical hints.

- Ceramic Laminate Veneers (1 hour)
Case evaluation and treatment planning
Tooth preparation and impression taking
Cementation and finishing
Maintenance of ceramic veneers

3- Esthetics and other clinical applications (1 hour)