Teeth Whitening

The Beyond Polus Whitening System is perfect for inpiduals wanting or needing immediate results. Having white, healthy looking teeth like you had when you were younger is a quick way to brighten up your entire face. Many people under estimate the effect that tooth whitening can have on their overall appearance.

The Beyond Polus Whitening System is a dramatic new teeth whitening method that can restore your smile to its natural beauty in one visit. The Sapphire Whitening System has been clinically proven to whiten teeth and has been specially formulated to prevent sensitivity which can be a common problem with bleaching systems. With Sapphire Professional Whitening, you can bid farewell to sensitivity - the most common patient complaint about whitening.

Not even a pre-treatment Aspirin is needed when you use this breakthrough whitening formula.

Beyond™ Polus™ Power Whitening is recognised as the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth.

Clinical trials demonstrate that the Beyond Polus yields equal or better results than any other whitening system on the market place.

It is the only machine to be granted CE, FDA, ISO 9001 and Class 1 medical device status. It is also the only system to be granted 5 stars from the prominent Dental Advisory Board and Dental Shopper. The Beyond Polus produces optimal results in just one hour, whilst maintaining the highest degrees of patient safety and comfort. With the new Beyond Polus, the future of teeth whitening has certainly arrived.

Close Dental use the Beyond Polus Whitening System, the latest and most advanced whitening technology available.

What Are The Indications Of Beyond Polus Whitening?

Beyond™ Polus™ Power Whitening is very effective on teeth that have been stained by smoking or by consuming staining substances such as coffee, tea and red wine as well as teeth discolored by certain medicines, such as tetracycline, or speckled by fluoride.

How Does It Work?

Chair-side, cold-light, power whitening accelerator lamp whitens teeth between 5 and 14 shades, with an average improvement of 8.5 shades, in three consecutive 12 to 15 minute sessions.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

In less than 1 hour, discoloration that has built up over the years will be wiped away.

It takes no longer than it does to get a haircut, or have a cup of coffee!

What type of tooth whitener is used Beyond Whitening with system?

Beyond Whitening Accelerator's high-intensity blue light activates its special whitening formula that contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) along with other special ingredients.

Is It Safe?

Scientific research has shown that using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth is effective and safe. It does not change or damage the structure of teeth; it merely makes them appear whiter and brighter.

Will It Hurt?

No. The Beyond Polus teeth whitening procedure is completely painless in general. A very small percentage of people may experience minor sensitivities following the procedure. Avoid very hot or very cold drinks for the first 24 hours if any tooth sensitivity exist.

Does It Work On Caps, Veneers Or Bonds?

While results may vary, whitening procedures are generally not designed for caps, veneers or bonds.

What Are The Post Operative Instructions?

All you need to do is avoid smoking, drink coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other dark colored drinks or food, also avoid using colored mouth wash or tooth paste For the first 24 hours after the Beyond treatment. "ebright" technology home maintenance kit can be used as an additional follow up treatment.

How long does home teeth whitening lasts?

How long you can maintain your whitened teeth will depend on several unique and inpidual factors. However most people find that after successful whitening, teeth rarely return to their once deeply stained state.

If your discoloration is due to over-consumption of tea, coffee, wine or tobacco products etc. - and you do not change your behavior, then it is likely that the whitening effect will not last as long. Additionally, teeth may require touch-ups from time to time

In case your teeth are genetically stained or the stains are caused by serious illness, you may need a teeth whitening treatment every few years.

Is This Procedure For Everyone?

Basically, anyone who wants his/her teeth whitened can benefit from the Beyond procedure but, if you are under 16, pregnant, breast-feeding, or have any allergies or extraordinary conditions, please let your dentist know ahead of time.