What We Do

What’s patient care like at dentalounge? See for yourself:

Patient care is provided in 7 specialized departments covering the scope of dental specialties needed to attend to any case. You, your family and loved ones will always be received with a smile and a listening ear. We make it our goal to sit down with you, listen to your needs and plan your treatment making sure you receive a clear understanding at where you stand in your current oral health condition. This clear and thorough process increases patient awareness, comfort during treatment, cooperation between the dentist and the patient, and the result is a successful treatment.

Dentalounge is dedicated to patient awareness. We provide you with leaflets, consent forms and after treatment instructions when needed. A separate department in Dentalounge has been established to follow up on our patients and make sure we receive their feedback. All of our professional specialists are adamant on giving their patients full understanding when being cared for at Dentalounge.

Sterilization and cross infection control is the foundation of treatment here at Dentalounge. The latest resources, devices and tools are used to ensure that you are always protected from any harm. The cleanliness of our departments is a source of pride to any esteemed health care providing establishment.

Cost effective treatment and financial solutions to facilitate the treatment of each patient are provided in different forms. Dentalounge has an umbrella of affiliate insurance companies under which we are certified.

We are the only center with a dental payment plan from pioneering banks available upon your request.

The center works in a referral plan where each step of your treatment is attended to by specialized personnel capable of providing optimum end results. No complete treatment is done by one professional at anytime you will usually be attended to by at least two specialists. Such cases requiring a single dentist throughout the full treatment plan duration are quite rare and require minimum clinical intervention.

Our departments cover the following dental fields:

1- Orthodontics
2- Prosthodontics
3- Endodontics
4- Restorative dentistry
5- Periodontics
6- Paedodontics
7- Maxillofacial and Oral surgery.

Our team of specialists is also a team of pioneering academics. They teach at local dental schools, lecture locally and internationally in recognized conferences, courses and workshops. We collect data and work side by side with research institutes from all over the globe. We host are active in media in order to spread awareness.  Our specialists are all contributors to multiple magazines in both forms scientific and social.

And you always get to enjoy fine selection of beverages from our coffee bar when waiting for your session to begin.

We can’t wait to sit down with you and hear your story. You are always going to be heard at Denatlounge.